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Heating elements are the heat generation equipment in all electric heaters. Electric heating elements can be found in electric heating equipment of all shapes and sizes. Elements are manufactured in a variety of materials and configurations, but their function remains the same: to convert electrical energy into heat energy, then to transfer that heat energy to or through air, liquid or solids by convection, conduction or radiation.

There are a wide range of industrial heating elements for various applications; just a few varieties include infrared heating elements, immersion heater elements, flexible heating elements, quartz heating elements and many more examples. Many of those heating element varieties are also applied in commercial and consumer products contexts. For example, tubular heating elements, one of the most easily recognizable heating elements, are used in consumer ovens and in dishwashers. Heating coils can be tubular, such as stovetop elements, or they may be wire, such as those that are used in toasters. Wire heating elements are among the most common industrial and commercial dryer heating elements; kilns, surface treatment heaters and many other kinds of dryers make use of wire elements. Ceramic heating elements, many of which are SiC heating elements, are used for convectional heating, such as in space heaters, furnaces and semiconductors. Heater elements are capable of producing temperatures of up to 1300° F.

Some Leading Manufacturers

Hotwatt, Inc.

Danvers, MA | 978-777-0070

Hotwatt, Inc. has over 60 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying heating elements, electric heaters and assemblies! Our expanded line of products includes cartridge heaters, immersion heaters, strip and finned strip heaters, tubular heaters, band heaters, foil heaters, and more! We are a quality supplier to the appliance industry as well as OEMs in industrial, medical, commercial, packaging, aviation, transportation, and refrigeration. For more information, call us today!


Hallandale, FL | 800-492-8826

We are dedicated to providing excellent heating technology and superior heating products for all of our customers! We have established ourselves as an industry leader in the design and manufacture of high performance, reliable heating elements. WATTCO™ offers a range of flange, tubular, screw plug, circulation, pipe, duct, and many other types of heaters. We have a heater for all of your applications, so visit our website or call us today to find out more!


Newark, NJ | 800-631-8830

When you come to Ulanet, you can expect the very best in heating and control technology. We have been engineering and manufacturing heaters and heating elements for more than 81 years, so we can deliver a reliable, high performance heating solution for practically any need. We provide both standard and custom heating elements, so get in touch with us today!

Thermal Corporation

Madison, AL | 800-633-2962

Thermal Corporation is your heating and thermal processing specialist. We have been providing high quality, innovative heating solutions for more than 45 years, and we have developed a complete line of industrial heating products, including band heaters, cartridge heaters, ceramic heaters, and more. We also specialize in designing and manufacturing custom heaters to fit our customers’ unique heating requirements. Contact our thermal processing experts today for your heating element needs!

Thermal Devices

Mt. Airy, MD | 800-282-9100

We specialize in the sale and application of cartridge heaters and other heating elements. We offer a wide variety of industrial electric heaters, temperature controls, electrical controls, power controls, heating cables, and related accessories. We are located in Mt. Airy, Maryland but serve customers all over the country. To learn more about our products, visit our website or call us today! We look forward to doing business with you!

Custom Electric Manufacturing Co.

Wixom, MI | 248-305-7700

Custom Electric Manufacturing has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of heating elements for more than 35 years. Our engineering team works with original equipment manufacturers and end users to design new and innovative solutions to heating applications. We can custom design rod, bayonet, tubular, plug/rack, ceramic, and many other heating elements for your requirements. For trouble-free, long lasting heating solutions, give us a call!

Most appliances that require heat to perform their processes use a heating element of one kind or another. Ovens, dryers, water heaters, electric furnaces and other appliances make use of heating elements. Countless industrial process heating applications in various types of industrial electric heaters require the use of electric heating elements. In packaging, plastic fabricating, foam fabricating, metal fabricating and food processing industries, cartridge heaters are inserted through a hole into the metal or material of equipment parts that require localized heat. Extruding channels and hoppers use coil heaters, band heaters or strip heaters wrapped around or bolted to the channel to maintain the plasticity of the material being extruded. Utilizing infrared heating elements, radiating types of heaters such as duct heaters, immersion heaters and tubular heaters are used to heat liquid or air in industrial ovens, storage tank heating, pressure vessel heating, steam generation, boilers, water treatment facilities and many other applications. For instance, immersion heater elements are required for materials such as mild acids, oils, water, air, salts, plating baths and chemical solutions. In addition, many applications require flexible heating elements, which allow the heaters to be bent to suit their environments.

Heating elements within electric heaters are mainly composed of three elements: an insulating core, a heat conductive coil wrapped around the insulation and an encasing sheath made from stainless steel, aluminum, nickel or iron. Insulating cores are necessary in most types of electric heaters to retain and absorb electrical energy so that it might be released as heat energy by surrounding coils or materials. Coiled wire heating elements, such as those used as household dryer heating elements, have no insulating core but transfer heat directly to the air through blown convection. In higher heat applications, cores are responsible for converting electrical energy into heat energy and are heating elements’ major component. Heating element cores are generally made from either NiChrome, a high-resistance 80% nickel 20% chromium compound, or from a Positive Thermal Coefficient ceramic, a highly heat resistant barium titanate/lead titanate composite. Ceramic and NiChrome are by far the most common insulation materials, although heating elements can also use mineral insulation such as magnesium oxide, mica or fiberglass, depending on the heater’s application requirements. Another common material is silicon carbide (SiC). SiC heating elements are capable of higher operating temperatures and watt loadings than metallic heating elements. Quartz can be used to transmit the heat from the core, making quartz heating elements very popular.
Heating elements typically have a shorter lifespan than the item in which they are installed and therefore may need to be replaced from time to time. Replacement heating elements can be stock or custom-made to fit the application by most heating element manufacturers and service providers. Most industrial equipment types using heating elements for processing have made replacing heating elements part of regular equipment maintenance. These parts are often kept in stock by the equipment manufacturer or can easily be manufactured in a short time, assuming the product is not too specialized. When heating elements fail in consumer items such as hair dryers or toasters, it is typically easier and less expensive to replace the whole unit rather than replace the heating element. Manufacturers of industrial heaters fabricate standard replacement heating elements for easy equipment maintenance. Correctly pairing a heating element with its application is a very important consideration; the safe and effective operation of a heating element depends on it. Incorrectly choosing or improperly installing a heating element can cause fires, short circuiting, product damage, equipment loss and a host of other problems. Carefully selecting the right equipment combined with regular maintenance helps to ensure its safety and prolong its lifespan.

Hotwatt, Inc.

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