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Danvers, MA  |  978-777-0070

Established in 1952, Backer Hotwatt, Inc. specializes in delivering exceptional heating solutions for a wide range of industries. Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality products and services to meet their specific heating needs with precision and excellence.
Products: At Hotwatt, we manufacture a complete line of heating elements for a wide range of applications,...

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Ipswich, MA  |  978-356-9844

Dalton Electric Heating Co., founded in 1921, is a manufacturer of Watt-Flex high performance cartridge heaters. The unique split sheath design expands in a bore for maximized heat transfer. Dalton also manufactures replacement vacuum diffusion pump heaters for nearly all domestic and foreign pumps.

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Companies Serving Near Massachusetts

East Lyme, CT  |  800-531-2070

Birk Manufacturing is a company manufacturing flexible heating elements, drum heaters and wiring harnesses. Our flexible heaters offer a lightweight solution to heating problems through wire round and etched foil heating elements. Our products demonstrate innovative heating element control.

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Danbury, CT  |  203-775-8444

Clark Power is a leading company in the heating element industry, providing high-quality products and services to customers worldwide. The company has been in operation for over three decades and has established a reputation for excellence in the industry.

Clark Power specializes in the design, manufacture, and distribution of heating elements for a wide range of applications. The...

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Columbus, IN  |  812-372-0281

Ulanet is a leading manufacturer of high-quality heating elements for a variety of industries. Over the years, our company has earned a reputation for providing reliable, cost-effective heating solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers.
Products: At Ulanet, we offer a wide range of heating elements, including cartridge heaters, band heaters, tubular heaters, strip heaters,...

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Porter, ME  |  207-625-3231

Vulcan Electric is a renowned company specializing in the design and manufacturing of high-quality heating element products and services. The company was founded in 1927, and since then, it has continued to innovate and expand its offerings to meet the ever-changing demands of its customers.

The company is headquartered in Porter, Maine, and has a global presence, with distributors and ...

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Newport, NH  |  603-863-1454

Eichenauer is an 80-year-old manufacturer of quality heating elements, including aluminum elements, immersion heaters, tubular heating elements and industrial heaters. We also design custom heating elements to meet your exact specifications and have the most advanced heating elements worldwide.

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Heating Elements

Heating Elements

A heating element is a material or device that directly converts electrical energy into heat or thermal energy through a principle known as Joule heating. Joule heating is the phenomenon where a conductor generates heat due to the flow of electric current...

Cartridge Heater

Cartridge Heater

A cartridge heater is a cylindrical tubular heating device that provides concise and precise heating for various forms of materials, machinery, and equipment. Unlike an immersion heater, a cartridge heater is inserted into a hole in the item to be heated to furnish internal radiant heat...

Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic heaters are electric heaters that utilize a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) ceramic heating element and generate heat through the principle of resistive heating. Ceramic materials possess sufficient electrical resistance and...

Electric Heaters

Electric Heaters

Electric heating is produced by using a known resistance in an electric circuit. This placed resistance has very few free electrons in it so it does not conduct electric current easily through it. When there is resistance in...

Immersion Heaters

Immersion Heaters

An immersion heater is a fast, economical, and efficient method for heating liquids in tanks, vats, or equipment. Known as bayonet heaters, they have heating elements that can be directly inserted into a container of water, oil, or other material in order to heat the entire contents...

Infrared Heating

Infrared Heating

Infrared heating is a heating method used to warm surrounding bodies by infrared radiation. Thermal energy is transferred directly to a body with a lower temperature through electromagnetic waves in the infrared region...

Electric Heaters

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